Sunday Morning Bliss

These Sunday mornings are the times that we need to share with our youth…to remind ourselves about to raise up a generation of leaders and believers. These Sunday mornings are beautiful moments to reminisce and reflect on the beauty that life has to offer.

Sundays are for church. Sundays are family. Sundays are for gatherings of friends far and wide. Sundays have always been a special day in my family. I remember the beautiful mornings of waking up early, getting dressed up for church, and coming back home to kick up our feet and relax! Those were the days I lived for. The days in which people had time for one another. Where cell phones were not the main objective but a secondary option. The days where people actually listened and cared about what someone was going through. The days where comfort was your best friend. The days where people exemplified humanity in lifting others up instead of tearing them down. The days where people were people.

You see, it is beautiful to look back at those times and to see all the good. To remember all of the good. To focus on all of the good. While one may be reading this and thinking, “Why are you reminiscing on the past?” Truth is, sometimes we have to reminisce on the past in order to better our future. Today, we as a human race evoke a lot of hate and animosity towards one another and make that a source of normalcy in our hearts. We are disconnected as a people when we should really be more than connected than ever. Today, people are more focused on vanity rather than humanity. Extending out a helping hand and assisting one another has now become a thing of the past. And when do, it has become a show.

I think about these Sunday mornings because it helps me to focus on hope rather than the downfall of our race. It provides me with joy in these dark times that we are in today. It provides me with insight as to how I can be a beacon of light and exemplify the body of Christ. It provides with the knowledge to know that all things are possible through Christ. It provides me with the daily reminder that one man can change the world.

These Sunday mornings are the times that we need to share with our youth. Enlighten them that it is the little things that make life sweet. Explain to them about the power of unity in community and the definition of true friendship rather than millions of followers. Remind them about the importance of family and how beautiful it is to have one. Teach them how to walk in light and love and explain to them the importance of the human race. Teach them to be fearless and walk with their backs straight and heads up tall.  Teach them that religion is not the centerfold of life but rather a relationship developed with Christ.

These are the moments that makes life sweet. These are the moments that we need to evoke to the generation to come. These “Sunday mornings” are what we need to remind ourselves about to raise up a generation of leaders and believers. To raise up a generation of mothers and fathers. To raise a generation of lovers and daughters. These “Sunday mornings” may be a thing of the past; but these same mornings can help shape our future.

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  1. This is so true and so moving!!! We need to go back to this as truly living and especially evolving in a relationship with Christ!!!

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